Diabetes is referred to as the “Silent Killer.” Millions of people worldwide are afflicted by this chronic metabolic condition. According to research that was published in The Hindu, there will be 315 million individuals with high blood pressure, 254 million with generalized obesity, 351 million with abdominal obesity, 101 million people with Diabetes, and 136 million people with prediabetes in India in 2021. With the increasing prevalence of Diabetes, it’s the right time to explore alternative treatments like Ayurveda that can complement conventional medical treatments.

Historically many societies have used plants and herbs for medical purposes. In India, Ayurvedic herbs assist in blood sugar control and improve the general quality of life for people with Diabetes when it is combined with a healthy lifestyle, appropriate diet, and regular exercise. 

It is also a fact that many modern medicines are now looking to incorporate these traditional herbs for the treatment of diabetics. Amrith Noni D Plus, one of the most recommended tonics for managing blood sugar levels, incorporates many of these traditional herbs. 

What is Diabetes?

Before going into the list of herbs that help manage Diabetes, it becomes important to know what Diabetes is. Diabetes is a widespread medical problem that impacts a significant portion of the global population. It is a disorder where the blood becomes very high in sugar, specifically glucose. 

Contrary to common belief, Diabetes is not only caused by consuming large amounts of sugar. Among the major risk factors for Diabetes include stress, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle. The good news is that Diabetes can be managed with herbs and a well-balanced diet. Here is the list of eight herbs used by Amrith Noni D Plus, one of the best ayurvedic medicine for sugar control you should be aware of: 

Potent Herbs for Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Below given are the widely recognised herbs for their blood sugar managing capabilities:


Cultivated all over the world for its culinary or medicinal qualities, Methika is a common element in Indian cuisine. The complete plant, including dried or fresh leaves and seeds, is used for various purposes. Improved digestion, anorexia relief, and blood sugar regulation are among its well-known benefits. Both the herb and its seeds have been used to cure skin and digestive issues. 

This herb also has anti-metabolic properties. Lowering blood sugar levels are one way that Methika fights Diabetes. The hypoglycemic impact of the molecule allows it to improve glucose tolerance and reduce blood sugar. Its fibre content also reduces how quickly sugars and carbohydrates are absorbed.

Noni fruit

Noni fruit is added in Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes because of its special qualities. Noni fruit is a great complement to a diabetic’s diet as it has ingredients that can successfully control blood sugar levels. In particular, noni juice is suggested for those with Diabetes as it helps to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels. 

The noni medicine for Diabetes is ideal for people who want to manage their carbohydrate intake carefully because it is sugar-free nature. Diabetics can be reduced by incorporating Noni fruit or juice in daily routine. For diabetics, this complete approach can greatly improve health results when combined with a balanced diet and consistent exercise.


Ayurveda can help you manage your Diabetes with a few easy-to-use, safe, and effective herbs. Madhunashini, scientifically known as Gymnema Sylvestre, is one of the many such herbs. 

Native to the tropical woods of India, Africa, and Australia, this woody climbing shrub has elliptical leaves. These leaves have been a part of Ayurvedic recipes since ancient times. This ayurvedic herb helps the body better control blood sugar levels through a number of different methods. 

It also works wonders in avoiding the problems of Diabetes that result from high blood sugar levels that are excessively harmful to the blood vessels and nerves. Regular use of this herb protects the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, and overall health of a diabetic. It also extends the patient’s life expectancy by enhancing the functional efficiency of the organs.


Native to the Indian region of the Western Ghats, kokum is also known by the names Garcinia indica and Vrikshamla in Sanskrit. Vrikshamla can help you treat a few common health conditions apart from bringing excellent flavor and beautiful color to your food and beverages.

If you have been identified as even mildly diabetic, adding Vrikshamla to your diet can be quite beneficial. Due to its antioxidant and anti-diabetic qualities, Vrikshamla is used in Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes. Because of this, it can replenish some of the enzymes that the body loses when a person has type 2 diabetes. 

In addition to helping in better digestion and insulin function, both of which are essential for controlling blood sugar and Diabetes, Vrikshamla’s nutrients and phytochemicals also contribute to improved metabolism.


Known by its scientific name, Emblica Officinalis, Amla has long been a beloved fruit in Ayurveda. Every part of the plant is used, but because the fruit contains active ingredients, it is thought to be most beneficial. Amla is a traditional medicine that help avoiding blood sugar increase and maintains a stable level. 

Amla contains chromium, a mineral that controls the metabolism of carbohydrates and is thought to increase the body’s receptivity to insulin, which helps to further control blood sugar levels. Studies indicate that diseases such as Diabetes and associated disorders are basically caused by oxidative stress within the body. Amla’s antioxidants help you manage your Diabetes by counteracting the adverse consequences of oxidation.


Guduchi is an Indian herb used in Ayurveda medicine and is highly respected for its qualities. Its immune-stimulating, cleansing, and restorative qualities make it one of the most valued Ayurvedic herbs. This herb is a fantastic treatment for Diabetes due to its strong therapeutic qualities. As it reduces blood sugar or glucose levels, it is recognized as a natural anti-hyperglycemic agent. 

There is strong evidence that Guduchi supplementation helps alleviate diabetic neuropathy and gastropathy, two typical consequences of Diabetes. Guduchi has numerous benefits or effects that can assist in managing Diabetes indirectly, in addition to its direct anti-hyperglycemic properties. 


There are several therapeutic benefits to turmeric. This wonderful spice can be found in practically every Indian household and is used widely for both culinary and medicinal purposes. 

Turmeric is well-known because it contains active polyphenols, also referred to as curcumin. The curcumin found in turmeric can also lower blood glucose levels and manage other diabetic problems, which is why it is listed in ayurvedic herbs for Diabetes.

Curcumin has remarkable effects on the body’s sensitivity to insulin and has the ability to reduce the amount of glucose and glycogen that the liver produces. Adding turmeric to your diet is an easy way to reduce your risk of getting Diabetes. 


It is referred to as “Jambu” or “Panneer Naval” in Tamil and “Chambakka” or “Pani Seb” in Hindi. Traditional Indian medical practices, including as Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani, have extensively recorded the unique therapeutic benefits of this Jambu fruit. 

An alkaloid called jambosine, which is present in Jambu inhibits starch from becoming sugar and regulates blood sugar. Herbs with high anti-hyperglycemic qualities, such as Jambu, help diabetics control their blood sugar levels. 

Due to their low glycaemic load of 2, they facilitate a slower metabolism of sugars by the body, hence reducing the risk of high blood glucose levels. Moreover, it has no cholesterol for healthier heart and offers dietary fiber to help with digestion. Vitamins A and C are abundant in Jambu, which support healthy vision and immunity, respectively. They also include a lot of B vitamins, which can help control metabolism. 

Final thoughts

Diabetes can cause neuropathy, nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, gangrene, and other conditions if it is not managed. So, it becomes imperative to make use of the above-mentioned herb to manage blood sugar levels. Amrith Noni D Plus incorporates all the herbs mentioned above, along with other Ayurvedic herbs. To prove its efficiency, human trials using Amrith Noni D Plus were conducted, and the outcome demonstrated 100% efficiency. 

Insulin cell resistivity is transformed into insulin cell sensitivity by Amrith Noni D Plus, which increases its efficacy. To be exact, Amrith Noni D-plus is made using a lot of traditional Ayurveda and anti-diabetic herbs, showing no side effects, unlike conventional drugs when taken for diabetic treatment. So, if you want to buy ayurvedic medicines online, Amrith Noni D-plus is the best in the market to manage your blood sugar level.

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