Benefits of using NCERT Books

Students often have many unanswered questions in their minds when it comes to board exam preparation. Few among them are, ‘Which is the best book for exam preparation?’, ‘How to complete the entire syllabus before the exam?’ and ‘Which book will help me to score well?’. So the answer for this is, NCERT Books. It is an organization which mainly aims to provide quality education for the students across the country. The books are available for all classes and for all subjects at an affordable cost. So these books are the best when it comes to exam preparation.

To score optimum marks in the exam is the main aim for most of the students. Choosing the right reference books will build a strong foundation of fundamentals which would help them in further studies. These books completely stick to the NCERT Syllabus which is designed by the CBSE board. The faculty who possess high knowledge of the concepts draft these books to help students irrespective of their intelligence level. 

Advantages of referring to the NCERT Books 

  1. Completely stick to the CBSE syllabus

The NCERT Books are strictly designed as per the curriculum and guidelines of the CBSE board. So learning the chapters using these books provides in-depth knowledge of each and every topic present in the textbook. It will help students to analyse the type of questions that would appear in the final exam and learn the concepts accordingly.

  1. Best study material

These books are the best study material for the students under the CBSE board. Answering each and every question from these books will improve the basic knowledge of important concepts. These books contain a list of formulas, significant figures and questions on each concept to make the students prepare well for the annual exam.

  1. Questions arise from these books

Apart from all these facts, students under the CBSE board should know that the question paper setters pick questions from the NCERT Books. So to score good marks, it is necessary to refer to these books on a regular basis. The main aim is to provide students with quality learning and enable them to answer the complex questions which would appear in the exam.

  1. Lots of practice problems

Practising the problems present at the end of each chapter is necessary to know the concepts effectively. For this purpose, these books contain numerous exercises and examples to help students understand the method of answering questions. It contains step wise answers based on the marks allotted for each step under the CBSE exam pattern. 

  1. Makes revision easy

No matter how hard the students prepare for the exams, one should practice and revise regularly to remember the chapter. During revision, all the questions present in these books should be solved to become a pro in answering the questions that would appear in the exam. The concepts should be explained in the same manner according to the NCERT Book to grasp the attention of the examiner for more marks. 

No matter how hard the students study, scoring good grades is a difficult task for every student under the CBSE board. The simple guideline to ace the exam is to make use of the NCERT Books prescribed by the board itself. Students should strictly refer to these books as it completely follows the NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Social Science as per the CBSE guidelines. All the dates and events are explained in a lucid manner to help the students remember it. Simple tips and tricks can also be followed during the exam preparation to remember the important dates. 


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