How to Score Well in the CBSE Class 10 Science Exams?

Preparing for the CBSE Class 10 Science Exams can be stressful for most students. A good preparation strategy will play an essential role in helping students secure more marks. In students’ lives, Class 10 is the first milestone in achieving their careers. So, each student will have the aim to score more marks in the CBSE Board exams. The marks obtained in Class 10 acts as the bridge between education and career and help the students to choose the right subject in their higher education.

While preparing for the Class 10 Science examination, students should focus on the syllabus first. Students can design a schedule covering all the essential concepts by going through the curriculum well. It will help them learn all the chapters and improve their time management skills, which is necessary to cover the final exam paper on time. NCERT Books are the best study material for students preparing for the CBSE exams. NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science are designed to help students in this aspect.

It is the best reference guide for students who cannot find suitable answers to textbook questions. The solutions of NCERT Books stick entirely to the CBSE Syllabus and help students get a clear picture of the basic concepts. The faculty curate the answers so that students need not worry about the steps and marks distribution as per the CBSE Board.

Strategy to Score Good Marks in the Science Class 10 CBSE Exam

1.   Go through the Syllabus

Before starting the exam preparation, the students should thoroughly go through the CBSE Syllabus. It will help them analyse the concepts with more marks and focus on them for a good score. Students will also understand the concepts of importance based on their marks weightage.

2.   Get Familiar with the Syllabus and Marking Scheme

After understanding the syllabus, students need to know the marking scheme. The main reason behind this is if the students know the marking system, they will get an idea of how to answer a particular question which appears in the board exams. It will also provide an in-depth view of the stepwise format that students must follow to attain good results.

3.    Prepare a Study Schedule

As board exams help students reach their career goals, a study schedule should be prepared that focuses on the crucial concepts in the subject. It should give sufficient time for all the topics based on the mark distribution. It will help the students to cover all the chapters without any difficulty effectively.

4.   Use Appropriate Reference Materials

To score good marks in the Science exam, students should use the appropriate study materials that the CBSE Board prescribes. The reference books should cover all the subject’s crucial concepts according to the latest CBSE curriculum. Students can also use the available solutions to get an idea of how to answer a particular question effectively.

5.   Prepare Notes

Students should remember to prepare notes while preparing for the board exams. It will not only help them to memorise the concepts but also will help in revising the subject with ease. Students can go through the notes daily to avoid any last-minute confusion before the exams.


If a student follows these strategies while preparing for the Class 10 Science Exam, scoring good marks in the board exams will be an easy task. For this purpose, students should thoroughly study the chapters in Class 9 and then move on to Class 10. Students can use the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science, which contains all the fundamentals in Class 10.

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